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KLOKERS Klok-01 Metal Blue Dial

KLOKERS Klok-01 Metal Blue Dial

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In 2015, Klokers designed the emblematic klok-01 based on the circular slide rule invented in 1630..
A time calculation device, the dial is comprised of 3 coplanar graduated discs with a graphical design bringing back fond memories of mathematical calculation instruments. Thanks to its simple styling, the flat-sided case features a distinctive utilitarian look, creating an overall sense of balance and pleasure.

The very incarnation of the sheer darkness of night, the celestial blue irradiates the dial, featuring its white markings and axis line. This variation on the theme brings to mind the blue light immediately preceding sunrise and sunset. Moments when time is suspended and anything is possible.


Thanks to the klokers key (a patented attachment system), you can unclip the watch head from the strap easily and change the strap to match your mood and your style. Your klokers watch then becomes a timeless item which can accompany you everywhere during your day-to-day life.. 


The KLOK 01 watch is available in a number of different colours and is compatible with all of the straps and interchangeable accessories.