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Shinola The Mechanic 39mm Green Mechanical Watch

Shinola The Mechanic 39mm Green Mechanical Watch

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The Mechanic is a hand-wound mechanical watch that honors the simple, tactile analog experiences of life. The name is inspired by the rich history of sign painters in Detroit, who called themselves “mechanics” in tribute to their precision and skill in conveying information with clarity and style—not unlike a well-crafted watch.  

In keeping with its throwback design, the Mechanic features a domed dial, box crystal, curved hands, and a toothy crown for easy winding. The dial numbers’ shadow, outline, and fill harken to classic sign painting techniques. A case back window reveals the mechanical manual-wind movement. Finished with a leather strap, the Mechanic is a truly unique addition to the watch lover’s repertoire, with a plucky wind-it-yourself attitude and style to spare. 

The hand-wound Swiss-made SW210-1 accurately keeps the hours, minutes, and seconds. The Mechanic should be manually wound habitually in order to restore the power reserve, which keeps the watch ticking. The Mechanic has a minimum power reserve of 42 hours.

The rounded square case of this 39mm timepiece is crafted from polished stainless steel with brushed sides and is finished with a sapphire crystal. Handle your hand-wound mechanical watch with care. To preserve time keeping accuracy, keep it away from magnetic fields and shield it from strong impact that could permanently disrupt the movement.